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Terra, MTG's Cast Lip for hydraulic excavators 04-06-2019 

Bauma was the event chosen by MTG for the official launch of its MTG Cast Lips Terra, the new system specifically designed for hydraulic excavators weighing more than 400t. 

MTG chose Bauma for the official launch of MTG Cast Ups Terra, designed especially for the heavy mining industry, and more specifically for hydraulic excavators weighing more than 400t. The slim, light design of the Cast Up Terra allows for reduced fuel consumption and improved penetration, which as a consequence optimises cycle times. Its large contact areas and smooth transitioning reduce plastic deformation and concentrated strain in critical areas. Additionally, the design of the G.E.T., which is specific to the Cast Up Terra, allows for protecting critical wear zones, thus increasing wear life. Lip reconstruction is made easier thanks to this protection and its adapted geometry. 

Suitable for all applications and terrain types 

Cast Up Terra is suitable for all applications and terrain types, and comes equipped with all of MTG's premium G.E.T. systems: TwinMet and ProMet. This combination offers efficient, optimum lip protection. The Cast Up Terra is available in two G.E.T. settings: the "Standard" option, for applications prioritising bucket penetration, and the "Heavy Duty" option, for high impact and wear applications. 

The Terra range features 4 different models. The 148" and 169" size 5 Cast Ups Terra are equipped with the TwinMet 5/4 system, aimed at 400 to 600t machines. The range also includes the 169" and 201" size 7 Cast Ups Terra, equipped with TwinMet 7/6, which are designed for 700 to 800t machines. All the MTG Cast Ups Terra models may equip the "Standard" or "Heavy Duty" settings. 

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