Bucket Components

A worn bucket can cost you a lot of money increasing wear to structural components and by making your excavating equipment work harder for less results.

2MT recommends regular inspection and maintenance of worn parts

For Dragline Buckets
Columbia Steel manufactures a large range of bucket structural and wear components. If you are looking for bucket components that are designed for the application and provide longer wear life 2MT can assist through site inspection and monitoring and recommendations. We have experience in application, design and manufacture of bucket components. ...

For Excavator, Loader, Dipper And Shovel Buckets
At 2MT we can provide a wide range of bucket castings designed to combat wear and enhance digging capability Heel shoes -suit all buckets smallest to largest Lip shrouds -weld on or mechanically attached -suit a variety of lip sizes Wing shrouds -weld on or mechanically attached -suit a variety of side wall sizes Enquire ...