An innovative, truly hammerless tooth-adaptor system for mining, quarrying, earthmoving and construction

The StarMet tooth-adapter fitting system increases the productivity of excavators from 10 to 400 ton and loaders from 9 to 350 ton.

Features of the StarMet system are:
  • The teeth penetrate more effectively and are designed with more wear material where needed
  • Ease and speedy change out or interchange
  • The tooth to nose fitting system is designed for optimum distribution of forces for maximum strength and resistance
  • The MTG twist retainer is made from resilient elastomet and polyurethane
  • The tapered twist pin is reusable
  • Double-sided locking systems for smaller Starmet sizes

The StarMet system is easy to use and much safer and quicker than traditional systems because there is no need for hammers. There is a greatly reduced likelihood of flying steel when changing teeth. One person can do this job! The StarMet system is also more cost-effective because tooth loss is prevented due the unique twist retention system.

Watch Video: Starmet system advantages

Further information is available by downloading the following PDF brochures
MTG StarMet Reference guide (2989 KB)
MTG StarMet Assembly instructions (137 KB)
MTG StarMet Welding instructions (190 KB)
Welding straddle leg adapters (60 KB)