Wear Resistant Products

Combating abrasive wear around fixed and mobile plant is an ongoing problem. 2TUFF plate & block products can minimise your maintenance costs, reduce downtime and boost your bottom line

2Tuff Plate & Block
2MT provides a wide range of specialised wear protection products to provide protection and prolong life of your valuable mining and quarrying equipment

2Tuff Laminated Composite Block
A high chrome white iron casting that is metallurgically bonded to mild steel backing plate to provide excellent impact resistance and weldability. Manufactured in many shapes and sizes to suit multiple applications
  • Chocky bars
  • Buttons
  • Plates

2Tuff Chromium Carbide Weld Overlay Wearplate
This versatile wear resistance sheet and strip product can reduce maintenance costs for large areas experiencing sliding abrasion and moderate impact. 2Tuff plate can be supplied in
  • Sheets
  • Strips
  • Custom sized and shaped
  • Can be rolled or pressed or bent to shape
  • Various grades and thicknesses, and
  • Attached via weld, stud or through bolting