Dragline Rigging

2MT delivers top quality dragline rigging wear parts to the Australian mining industry.

Contact us to discuss our full component range! The driving force in our approach to dragline rigging products is innovation. By applying the latest engineering design software, adapting our extensive field experience, and listening to our customers we are able to provide a fully optimised service. We simplify dragline rigging design, reduce weight, increase spoil height, improve the life cycle and reliability of your rigging components and lower downtime costs considerably.

Our dragline rigging products have the following benefits:
  • Reduced mass
  • Engineered designs
  • Improved retention systems
  • Pin rationalisation
  • Less maintenance
  • Safer change outs
Download our brochures to find out more about these Dragline Rigging products.

NB All Columbia Steel wear parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction

Dump Blocks
Innovative dump block designs mean there’s one that’s right for your dragline Armor Blocks Fully enclosed for tough service conditions and excellent material exclusion Bantam Blocks Lighter weight, tough performance 60" Dump blocks for increased dump rope life Our dump blocks Are available In same plane or o...

Dump Block Connecting Links
Direct replacement part - available in straight and swivel configuration High strength Columbia Steel casting Suits standard 48” dump block Suits all 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 upper hoist links Download brochure PA-001 Dump Block Connecting Link (437KB) PA-002 Dump block Twist Connecting Link (469KB)

Becketed Rope Sockets
Safer faster wire rope change outs with Columbia Steel’s ferrule dump sockets Columbia Steel ferrule/becketed sockets are safe and easy to use and by design weigh less than conventional tapered socket and wedge systems. If you are looking at changing to a safe, easy to use and lightweight ferrule end rope design enquire with your 2MT sales ...

Easy Out System
Incorporating the Columbia Steel patented Collapsible Wedge Remove wedges quickly and safely using the same torch used to cut the wire rope A solution that works: Quick, easy and safe to use No need for swinging weights, hydraulic presses or explosives Use same torch already used to cut the wire rope Have a spare assemble...

Wedgeout System
WedgeOutTM - an efficient and safe hydraulic wedge removal system for dragline wire rope sockets Conventional wedge removal requires heavy hammering - a manpower-intensive and potentially dangerous process. When a safety-conscious customer developed a new socket and wedge system, Columbia Steel and 2MT were pleased to help bring it to market. W...

Mechanically Attached Arch Anchor Brackets
Bracket change outs made easier with the Columbia Steel mechanically attached arch anchors for dragline buckets. This efficient method reduces cost and downtime Welding and cutting on the arch for subsequent change outs is eliminated. The base is universal and can be trimmed to meet the contour of varying arches. Overall bucket height can...

Trunnion Links
2MT provide a range of high integrity cast trunnion links for various size dragline buckets High integrity Columba Steel casting Suit popular pin sizes Bushed pin locations for longer life Straight and offset configuration Offset trunnion links – reduce wear on lower hoist chains Download brochure P...